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      • Not all Broadband offers are created equal

      • More 5* Trustpilot reviews than anyone else

      • Independently rated excellent by Trustpilot

      • Independently voted the UK's best company for customer satisfaction

      Independently voted the UK's best
      company for customer satisfaction

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      COVID-19 Support
      For all the latest Government support and advice for small business, please click here

      XLN for small biz

      We’ve helped 500,000 customers across every post code and high street in the UK.

      "These guys understand entrepreneurs and micro businesses better than anyone"

      Andrea Walsh

      "The best company I have ever experienced!"

      Chai Ching

      "I'm increasingly confident that XLN have a genuinely first class, customer-centred ethos... great value and great service. Please keep up the good work."

      Steve Faulder


      XLN for price

      You simply won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

      "Changed from BT a few months ago. I'm paying far less but I'm getting so much more!"

      Chris Richards

      "It'd be worth paying a lot extra for this service – but somehow they manage to charge me less than I was paying previously!"

      Ben Collins

      "Great company. So much cheaper than BT - we're saving a fortune!"

      Paul Sawicki


      XLN for service

      Gold Award winners at the 2019 CXAs for customer service brilliance.

      "Getting through is a dream - calls are answered with hardly any wait time (where does that happen?!)"

      Tyran Adam

      "Great service. Quick to answer the phone. I wish I could service like this from banks and other providers"

      David Keri Conchie

      "XLN are the most polite and professional telecoms and broadband supplier out there. 5 stars are not enough for these guys."

      Jon Radband


      XLN for choice

      Our pioneering model puts all your business essentials under one roof.

      "Best deals for small businesses in the marketplace. Recently switched my Business Energy Account & saved £'s!"

      David Nicholls

      "One of the best business switches I have done in thirty years of business."

      Risca Pine Centre

      "Superb. Start up speed is phenomenal, connection likewise."

      Geoff Wimble


      XLN for small business

      “We had an idea.
      Small businesses only”斗牛

      Since 2002, we’ve been fighting the utility giants to offer more than 500,000 small businesses a better deal on phone, broadband, energy, card processing, Wi-Fi and mobile. How? Through a unique service culture that was recognised as the UK’s best at the
      2019 CXA Awards.

      That’s why we’re the only alternative

      Christian Nellemann signature

      Christian Nellemann,

      Customer experience Awards 2018 Winner

      XLN for price

      “Are you being
      ripped off?”现金水浒传

      Businesses nationwide are overpaying on their utility bills – that’s a fact. But it doesn’t happen with us. We create unbeatable deals, and our low price guarantee means we’ll beat the price you’re paying now. Don’t believe us? Give us a call and see for yourself.


      XLN for service

      “We’re in the business of
      saving small businesses”守望先锋

      Last year, small businesses made an average profit of £13k – which means it’s life-or-death when services go down. So our UK-based experts answer calls in 3 rings and keep you up and running. As a result, we’ve collected more 5* Trustpilot reviews than any competitor.

      Experience customer service

      XLN's TrustPilot score vs some of our competitors' scores.

      XLN for choice

      “Lots of suppliers
      means lots of stress”西游记

      18 years ago we pioneered a simple idea: all the services your business needs in one hassle-free call. That means you lose the stress of dealing with different suppliers, and your savings build with every product.

      You can just get on with

      Save £1750 on just one call.
      The more you choose, the more you save.

      Our average customer stands to save up to £1750 a year. What would you spend it on?

      Call us on
      0800 085 3152

      Here to help
      Without Me

      From setting up your router to getting the most from your
      Fibre connection, check out the BizHub for advice, hints and tips covering all your small business needs.

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      Phone and broadband switching mythbuster

      Any doubts over switching supplier? This video will put them to rest.

      The business benefits of VOIP

      The internet phone is here to stay...

      XLN first TalkTalk partner to deliver ultrafast FTTP Broadband

      A few lucky XLN customers are enjoying lightning-fast speeds...

      The small print
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      Subject to a 24 month contract term. At the end of the promotional period, the price reverts to the recommended retail price. This can be found in our Master Price List.

      Savings value based on 24 month term and XLN’s current promotions, connection fees, and online security cost included (where applicable). Prices against nearest comparable product as per provider websites, excluding competitor promotions and correct at 26/09/2019.

      Phone only: Comparison against online price of BT Value line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and new line installation.

      Phone & Broadband: Comparison against online price of BT Broadband Essential & line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

      Phone & Fibre: Comparison against online price BT Superfast Fibre Essential, line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

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      Subject to a 36 month contract term. Details of prices can be found in our Master Price List.

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      The speed achieved is subject to the quality of your line, distance between your property and the exchange and the ability of your local exchange.

      Free wireless router. £9.99 charge for tracked delivery, configuration and packaging.

      Total savings shown include £324 for customers opting in to our public Wi-Fi service (£6.50 per month thereafter for a 24-month contract, RRP £20 per month). Customers can opt out of this service at any time.

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      Free terminal rental for the first 3 months in addition to the contractual term. Available with 48 month contracts only.

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      The meter configuration at your business premises must be supported by us to enable us to quote.

      You must provide us with a copy of your renewal quote from your existing supplier showing your renewal prices and estimated or actual annual consumption. We will use this information to provide you with a quote. We promise to beat the price of your first written renewal offer only.

      The price we quote is only valid at the time it is quoted. Prices change daily.

      Any savings we quote are for illustrative purposes only and will vary depending on the actual amount of electricity you consume during the period of the contract.

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      Information correct at time of going to press. Errors & omissions exempt. Speak to your XLN agent for our latest deals. All offers available to new customers only. All prices exclude VAT. Prices may go up during your contract.

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